Friday, January 16

Look! This post doesn't have a date for a title!

So . . . how’s it going? This post is from me, in real time. Not December me. I need a break from all that vacation stuff. Not that I don’t love it. It’s been awesome looking back over all our photos and reliving it all. But as I was looking over my notes from the next day (yes, I wrote all this stuff in a journal each night of the trip—my memory is totally not that good) I saw that this entry was about three times longer than any of the others. And I know you love a good long blog entry to read in your two-and-a-half spare minutes between meetings. And I love typing them even more. Which is why I wanted to save this one for the weekend. So we’ll resume travel/vacation/talky speak on Monday.

Speaking of Monday, did you know that Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday so I get a day off work? I don’t particularly want Monday to be a holiday. I have a lot of work to do. Sure, I love a good day off work as much as the next guy, but this one is awfully close to the last holidays we had. Wouldn’t it be better if we all just pretended that Dr. King was born in March, so we could split up that enormous stretch of holiday wasteland between now and Memorial Day? Just a suggestion, an idea, a thought—it’s just a dream I have, if you will.

The real question is what am I going to do with my bonus day? Andrew doesn’t get Monday off, so the day is all mine. Right now I’m leaning toward getting a manicure. (shhh, don’t tell Andrew. We’re trying to budget and all that, so how about we keep this our little secret? kthx.) But I could be persuaded to go shopping or watch Friends on DVD or read a book in front of the fireplace at my favorite coffee shop . . .

Come to think of it, maybe I do want a day off. See you Tuesday.

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