Thursday, April 30

Noteworthy Thursday #19

Dear Megan,

Do you know what day it is? That's right, it's Thursday. So where is my Noteworthy Thursday column? This isn't called Noteworthy Bi-Weekly Thursday. I don't want to hear any excuses. So what if you have been busy at work? So what if you chose to "eat dinner" and "take a shower" instead of blog? So what if you preferred to watch a little TV? You have readers to entertain. At least three of them, I think.

It's a sad day when the one thing you thought you could maintain on your blog turns out to be the one thing you can't, even after scanning all those notes in an attempt to "get ahead of the game." Sigh. What am I going to do with you?

So let this be a warning to you: Next time a Thursday goes by and no note is posted, there's gonna be trouble. I won't say what, but know that you're gonna need a whole lot of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lemon Verbena All Purpose Cleaner to wipe up that mess.

Your Blog

Monday, April 27


I exercised with Stephanie and Lindsay after work until I was exhausted and sweaty. I'm all about the health, you know. Then I went home and ate a peanut butter and bacon sandwich.

UPDATE: I do not regret that sandwich. It was delicious. Plus, it was turkey bacon. (Does that make it better?)

Friday, April 24

Guess who had a birthday?

A couple weeks ago I went to Pennsylvania to be with my nephew to celebrate his first birthday. Incidentally, it was also Easter weekend. There were presents, a train cake, plastic eggs, and the cutest little boy. I give you pictures.

Awesome bath hair.

Just awesome.

Before Austin's first haircut . . .

After Austin's first haircut!

Austin + Aunt Megan = shoe buddies 4ever

Nom nom nom.

Party time!

Most complicated cake I've ever been involved in making.

And what is this green mushy thing?

Mmm, tasty!

Still tasty. Quite tasty, in fact.

Still good, sugarsugarsugar!!

Aaaaaand . . . too much cake.

Austin's first Easter. He caught on to the whole picking-up-eggs thing pretty fast.

Thursday, April 23

Noteworthy Thursday #18

Semi-creepy stalking + cute guy + stream-of-consciousness writing + code names + spitwads = typical day in the life of a seventh grader.

Wednesday, April 22

It's Voting Time

Katy and Ben have the cutest twins evah, so follow this link, then follow another link there and vote for them! Help Ben and Katy win awesome stuff!

Tuesday, April 21

Just File It Under O for "Old"

I went to the eye doctor yesterday and, unbelievably, my (terrible) eyesight actually improved. It was only a very slight improvement, but still. I'll take what I can get. Or I thought I would, until my doctor told me that sometimes people who are nearing their thirties (but I think she just said "nearing" to be nice. I think she meant "people who are in their thirties.") see improvement in their vision due to age-related things.

As in, people who have good vision reach a point where they need reading glasses to see things up close. But apparently, the extremely near-sighted, like myself, don't need reading glasses--we just start to see improvements in our vision.

So it's official. I'm old. *sigh*

Monday, April 20

Oh, Deer

Dear Bambi,

Please quit eating my tulips. I spent way too much time in the hot sun last fall digging through the hard-as-a-rock dirt to plant those lovelies, and before they even bloomed, you decided they might make a tasty snack. Well, I’ve had it. Those stems look pretty lame without the petals.

You used to charm me when I saw you eating from the neighbor’s birdfeeder. I watched, awestruck, as you bounded gracefully through the neighborhood. But now? Now you are more annoying than the magazine-selling guys who show up at our doorstep every few months. In fact, you are worse than this guy.

You’ve left me no other option. I’m forced to make idle threats that I will never carry out. Let this be a warning: You eat one more tulip, and . . . *slides hand across neck in slicing motion* Let’s just say it won’t be pretty.


Thursday, April 9

Noteworthy Thursday #17

This is a combo note from Ginger and Judy (who mysteriously became Grace Kelly for awhile). My favorite part is the fonetik spelling. Please to enjoy.

Tuesday, April 7

Smash Crash

Friday night, Andrew and I went out to get ice cream. And by “ice cream,” I mean “frozen custard.” While our delicious frosty treats were being prepared, I heard this awful crunchy metal-scraping noise. “Oh,” I said. “What was that? Sounds like something just got hit.” And hooray! It was my car that got hit. (Perhaps that was karma’s way of letting me know I shouldn’t have gone out for dessert in the first place?)

This idiot—I mean guy—was backing out of his parking space, and instead of turning the wheel, he elected to back straight up into my rear bumper. Whoops! Now I understand that accidents happen, but what really ticked me off was the way this guy was not even a little apologetic about the whole thing. I think that perhaps if we hadn’t been right there, he may have considered driving off without leaving a note. I might not be giving him enough credit, but bear with me, I’m a victim here! He said his power steering was out, so he decided to back into the spaces behind him and he didn’t see my car. Of course you can’t see something if you aren’t looking for it. Grrrrr.

We’ve been talking to the insurance peeps, and he admitted fault, so his insurance will cover it. They will even give me a rental car. I just have to take the car in to an approved body shop and get it done. What a pain. I wish the insurance company would also reimburse me for my time, you know?

Monday, April 6

Gimme More

There’s only two types of people in the world: ones that like Britney Spears and ones that do not. I fall into the former category. Last Thursday, I went to her “Circus” show and it was awesome.

My pop-loving friend JiaoJiao went with me, and other than K-Fed himself, there was no one else I would have rather gone with. Jiao and I have loved Britney for years. Back when we were roommates, we would sing along to all the singles, and we weren’t even being ironic about it.

Because I like having money, I bought the second-from-worst seats in the arena, and they were definitely not close. “Really far away” is a better descriptor. “Practically in Nebraska” might also give you a sense of where we were sitting. This maaaaaay have been a bad choice. All of the pictures I took are blurry. The zoom feature on my camera was all, why are you making me work so haaaarrrrd? And I was all, just do it camera! And the camera was like, phhhhbbbbttttt. Camera: one, Megan: zero. So the pictures are not so good.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Jiao and I have been planning this evening for a looong time. Too long. Jiao knew exactly what she was going to wear (down to the color of eyeshadow) days in advance. I was not quite as prepared, so Jiao came over Thursday afternoon to help me. Actually, we helped each other. She picked out my outfit, and I gave her a pink cami that nearly exactly matched her pink top so she wouldn’t have to worry about her boobs popping out. (we like Britney, but we don’t want to be just like her, you know.)

Dressed and makeupped, we headed to the P&L District for dinner and drinks. While we were eating/drinking, we got into quite a discussion about our 401ks and IRAs. No kidding. Then I reminded us that we were about to go see BRITNEY and we needed to start acting a little more like teenagers than responsible adults. So we stole some vanilla vodka from our parents’ liquor cabinet, stayed out past our curfew, and got something pierced, then headed over to the concert.

There was a long line to get in. Way too long. We got in line about 30 minutes before the Pussycat Dolls were supposed to go on, and we didn’t get inside until they were almost finished. We did have plenty of scantily-clad girls in the line around us to entertain us. Lots of fishnets and cleavage. We only saw two PCD songs. (Which was totally fine, because we didn’t even know how many dolls there were. I thought five—we only saw four. Go figure.) (But then I read in the newspaper that one of them left after two songs, so apparently there are five?? And where did the fifth go? Did she have somewhere more important to be?)

This is the post-Pussycat Dolls, pre-Britney set up. I'm only showing it
because (sadly) it was one of the most-clear pictures I took.
But no sign of Britney here.

Before Britney came on, we were entertained with sideshow acts. Jugglers, crazy flexible people doing crazy balancing things, unicycle riders, acrobats, etc. All that good stuff. Then the real magic began to happen. A video from Perez Hilton, then Britney descended from up above, wearing… a costume. I couldn’t really see it (see para. 3). There were lots of lights, tons of dancing, and some singing. Or possibly lip-synching. But who really cares? There was a golden cage and a stripper pole, a giant umbrella and some pyrotechnics. It was all poptastic and fun, and Jiao and I had a great time.

The set list was not what I expected. Only three songs were from her current “Circus” album. Most were from the last album, and she only did a few of her older hits. We heard no “Lucky” or “Oops I Did It Again.” The complete set list (you may skip to the next paragraph if you don’t care At All): Circus, Piece of Me, Radar, Ooh Ooh Baby/Hot as Ice, If U Seek Amy, Me Against the Music, Freakshow, Get Naked, Everytime, Breathe on Me, Touch of My Hand, Do Something, Slave, Toxic, Baby One More Time, and for the encore, Womanizer.

By the end of the night, we were hoarse and exhausted. And the next day my abs hurt, presumably from all the cheering? I should really do more crunches…
Look! There's a blonde woman on top of that cage!

There she is again!

Finally! Another clear picture.
But again, no sign of Britney Spears in this photo

Thursday, April 2

Noteworthy Thursday #16

Random thoughts from Ginger. I really don't understand anything about this note. Why is the heading in all caps? Why mongoose? Who is Rainy? And that's not how you spell English!