Friday, April 24

Guess who had a birthday?

A couple weeks ago I went to Pennsylvania to be with my nephew to celebrate his first birthday. Incidentally, it was also Easter weekend. There were presents, a train cake, plastic eggs, and the cutest little boy. I give you pictures.

Awesome bath hair.

Just awesome.

Before Austin's first haircut . . .

After Austin's first haircut!

Austin + Aunt Megan = shoe buddies 4ever

Nom nom nom.

Party time!

Most complicated cake I've ever been involved in making.

And what is this green mushy thing?

Mmm, tasty!

Still tasty. Quite tasty, in fact.

Still good, sugarsugarsugar!!

Aaaaaand . . . too much cake.

Austin's first Easter. He caught on to the whole picking-up-eggs thing pretty fast.

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