Thursday, May 17

Over she flips

This morning Olive turned herself over from her back to her tummy. She was playing on her playmat in the bathroom while Andrew took a shower, and when I walked in, she was lying on her tummy with one arm awkwardly squashed underneath her. "Did you lay her down on her tummy?" I asked Andrew. Nope. "Then she must have rolled over," I logically concluded.

And after one crappy cell phone photo was taken, she rolled back to her typical face-up position and the moment was over.

She sure is getting strong, don't you think?

Monday, May 14

Two Stories About Milo

Me: Milo, we're going to the playground later, won't that be fun?
Milo: Playground! Yay, yay, yay!!!
Me: Yay! What's your favorite thing at the playground?
Milo: Seeps.
Me: The swings? Swings sure are fun!
Milo: Baaaa.
Me: Oh! Sheep! I don't think we're going to see any of those at the playground, Buddy.

After bath, Andrew gives Milo some lotion to put on himself/distract him while Andrew lotions him up. This happened:
Milo: I put lotion on my knees. (Rubs lotion on knees.) And my nipples. (Rubs lotion on nipples.)

Saturday, May 12

The day has come.


Milo just walked out of his bedroom. After he had been tucked in for the night. After his bedroom door had been shut. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS???

Milo has figured out how to grasp and turn a doorknob while also pulling open the door. And just like that, our blissful kid-free evenings are over.

Friday, May 11

Babbling like a brook

You must watch this. That is, if you like adorable chatty babies, you must watch this. I am completely smitten.

Thursday, May 10

She's three months old!

Thirteen weeks. Three months and two days. And with every new day, Olive becomes a little bit cuter, if I do say so myself.

She's lost that newborn look and is all adorable chub and sweet baby. Whenever I take her out, a bunch of people stop to admire her and comment on how beautiful/cute/sweet/etc. she is. And I believe they really mean it.

Olive has the biggest blue eyes and the biggest dimples I've ever seen. Her smile is infectious. Her hair still has a reddish glow to it, but in some lights still looks brownish. Sadly, it rarely sticks up in the back anymore. I guess it's grown out just enough to lay a bit flatter. I kind of miss the crazy stick-up hair.

She eats six times a day, somewhere between 3 and 4 ounces at each feeding. Still waking up once (and occasionally twice) a night to eat. She did go one night sleeping straight through, a solid ten- or eleven-hour stretch of sleep, but sadly has not repeated her stellar sleep performance.

Olive has begun babbling hardcore. She'll talk and talk and talk. Her facial expressions vary from concerned to frowny to excited to surprised. She makes high-pitched shrieking noises when she just can't contain herself.

She seems to be a hand/finger/thumb-sucker. She'll take her paci sometimes, but if it's not available she works pretty hard to get those fingers in her mouth. The paci still knocks her out, though, if she's already on the verge of sleep.

Olive is a strong girl. She'll support all her weight and stand up (with no balance, of course), she'll hold her head up for long periods of time, and she has quite a grip. Speaking of her grip, she is figuring out how to reach out for things, and once she gets a grip something, she'll even try to bring it to her mouth (without much success as of yet).

She is interested in toys and her playmat entertains her finally. She likes to watch them being shaken in front of her and will follow them with her eyes when they move back and forth.

Olive wears cloth diapers about 25 percent of the time and disposables the rest of the time. We're just not having much luck with the cloth. They leak or just plain don't fit. And frankly, that is fine by me. Cloth is great in theory, but I don't miss doing all the laundry every other day and worrying about rash.

Olive is so smiley and fun. She'll smile at just about anything. Yesterday I changed her diaper in the car, and as the breeze blew over her freshly wiped bottom, she grinned and laughed. She was really chuckling. Every time the wind blew a little, her smile was as wide as I've ever seen it, and that laugh was so cute. I wish I could have captured that in a video so I could remember it forever.

Though I sometimes get frustrated with her when she cries and cries for absolutely no reason that I can ascertain, I adore my baby girl. So glad she's mine.

Thursday, May 3


This morning as Milo and Daddy were about ready to head out the door, I asked Milo for a hug. I didn't actual expect him to comply, as he typically says "no" or ignores me altogether. But not today. Today he promptly came over and practically attacked me with a great big hug.

And then? Milo said, "I love you." Completely unprompted. That was the first time he straight up told me he loved me. I hugged him so tight and told him that I loved him. And then he was on his way out the door, leaving me smiling in his wake.

Happy early Mother's Day to me.