Thursday, May 3


This morning as Milo and Daddy were about ready to head out the door, I asked Milo for a hug. I didn't actual expect him to comply, as he typically says "no" or ignores me altogether. But not today. Today he promptly came over and practically attacked me with a great big hug.

And then? Milo said, "I love you." Completely unprompted. That was the first time he straight up told me he loved me. I hugged him so tight and told him that I loved him. And then he was on his way out the door, leaving me smiling in his wake.

Happy early Mother's Day to me.


Kenton said...


Cherish This Life! said...

Awwww, such a sweet boy! What a beautiful moment - Happy Mothers Day indeed!!

Grandma Susan said...

Love that boy!!!

Lindsay said...

LOVE! This made me all teary-eyed. :)