Wednesday, September 23

It's decision-making time.

I have a very serious issue to discuss. My hair. More specifically, how my hair should be styled and cut.

I have been in a constant state of "short hair, no, growing it out, medium-length hair, no maybe short hair, no, how about we grow it out again" for a long time. I clearly cannot make up my mind. Most recently, I've been wanting to grow it out a bit. Nothing too dramatic, but I wanted it long enough to pull back and be low-maintenance. I imagine it won't get washed daily once the baby comes, and I don't want to look completely scummy.

But on the other hand, I remember when I had short hair and how it seemed so easy. At some point, my stylist began getting too experimental for my taste and my hair got shorter and shorter and pointier and pointier and eventually I switched stylists and decided to grow it out. But I think that original cut was quite nice.

So you see the dilemma. Continue to grow it out? Cut it short? I need your help! Which cut would look best, be easiest to maintain, and look the best?

Kristen Bell and J-lo represent my long hair look.

Long hair pros:

  • easy ponytail
  • fewer trims needed
  • can go for a couple days without shampoo
Long hair cons:
  • ends get shaggy looking
  • kind of boring
  • baby can pull on it
  • hair is not naturally straight, so could look weird
  • takes a long time to blow-dry, looks funky when air-dried
Old pictures of me represent my short hair look. The third pic is the closest I could find to how the back should look.

Short hair pros:
  • works with my wavy hair
  • very quick to dry
  • cute (?)
  • quick to style
Short hair cons:
  • been there, done that
  • sticks up when I sleep on it
  • no ponytails
  • can quickly become pointy if cut improperly

You may advise me what to do in the comments. But please be quick about it. My hair is getting cut on Saturday!


Emoly said...

Voting again for short. Wash n' go!

Jessie said...

It's a tough call but I think I like your hair short the best. Although, I'm really basing that off looks only and I know you are considering much more than that. Good luck!

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

Long hair sucks. That is all.

Jeff Out

Molly said...

Wow, you were so thorough in giving us all the resources to make an informed decision. Sorry, that was lame--I clearly work too much. I vote that you grow it out. You see, you can always cut it shorter if you stop liking it long, once the baby arrives. But you can't make it grow if you find that short hair is annoying. Gets pointy--I like that a lot.

rikki said...

I love Kirsten Bell, but think that your hair is cute short.

rikki said...

err, I meant to say Kristen Bell.