Wednesday, July 21

Four-Month Stats

Milo had his four-month check-up this afternoon. Here's the scoop:

  • Weight: 13 lbs., 14 oz. (30th percentile)
  • Length: 25 in. (60th percentile)
  • Head Circumference: 17 in. (75th percentile)
At four months, Milo loves to hold on to his feet. He tries to put them in his mouth, but is usually distracted by his hands, which always go in the mouth before the feet have a chance.

At four months, Milo loves to "fly." Extreme bouncing, swinging motions, big rocking movements while on Mommy or Daddy's lap—all these things are surefire ways to get Milo giggling.

At four months, Milo has the cutest giggle.

At four months, Milo is generally very easy to please, only fussing when hungry or tired.

At four months, Milo loves his pacifier and is quickly soothed with it.

At four months, Milo babbles a lot. Lots of consonant sounds and new vowel sounds too. We hear ooh, la, ugh, mmm, goo, rrrr, pbbbff (does that count?) and more.

At four months, Milo thinks it is silly when I shake my head and my hair swishes around. He also thinks I look silly dancing. I would have to concur.

At four months, Milo sleeps well, only waking once a night to eat.

At four months, Milo does not nap particularly well, unless he is being held. While this isn't a routine I want to cement, I have to admit I love our cuddle time.

At four months, Milo is not a fan of the hot hot heat. I keep telling him it's not the heat, it's the humidity, but he doesn't believe me.

At four months, Milo is such a little flirt, smiling at everyone he meets.

At four months, Milo has learned to snuggle into my neck for comfort. I love it.

At four months, Milo's toenails finally need clipping. At least on the big toes—the other toenails still haven't really grown at all since birth. I suppose I will have to trim them, which is going to be quite a feat what with all the kicking.

At four months, Milo's fingernails, on the other hand (get it? the other HAND?), are growing like crazy and really ought to be trimmed every other day or so. I am trying to keep them short enough that he can't scratch himself too badly, but I'm afraid of cutting his skin. Plus, that whole "trim baby's nails while he is sleeping" thing? DOES NOT WORK ON THIS BABY.

At four months, Milo likes to watch his crib mobile go round and round.

At four months, Milo has discovered TOYS!!!1! He grabs them, checks then out, puts them in his mouth. Good times.

At four months, Milo adores his daddy and loves playtime with him.

At four months, Milo is beginning to appreciate storytime. He looks at the pictures and will sit calmly while we read (most of the time).

At four months, Milo enjoys baths. He especially likes having the warm water poured over his chest and belly.

At four months, Milo is still exclusively breastfed. Unfortunately, I still have to use the nipple shield. When Milo is faced with boob sans shield, he's all, "WTF? What am I supposed to do with this thing?" whereas with shield, he's all, "NOM NOM NOMMMMMIIIILLLLLLLK!!!"

At four months, Milo drools a lot and will suck on anything that comes near his mouth.

At four months, Milo has begun to roll over! He typically only showcases this skill early in the morning. I still haven't captured it on video. He rolls from tummy to back, and just a couple days ago he rolled from back to tummy. Our pediatrician says it's time to start babyproofing the house. Um, what? Wasn't he just born, like, a couple of weeks ago?

At four months, Milo is apparently starting to teethe. The doc says she can see the ridges or something in his gums that come before the teeth. Again, what's with the teeth? He was JUST BORN.

At four months, I am clearly in denial about how big my baby is getting.

At four months, I think I am becoming a very good mommy, and I have to say that I am pretty darn proud of myself.


Stephanie said...

You're right, you're becoming such a good mommy, you seem to be much more comfortable in this new role the past couple of times we've talked. So proud and happy for you!

Can't wait to see Milo again, he's growing by the day!

Lindsay said...

He's such a little man now! I can't wait to see the photos of the next couple months when he starts trying to eat that pillow, or lunge onto the floor as you take his picture. :)

katy said...

He's getting so bit! I can't believe we still haven't met him (boo)... he's going to be walking and talking in like 2 weeks I'm sure