Tuesday, August 31

Picture This

Sooo... Wanna see some photos of Milo? Okay then.

Milo and Grandma Susan. This was Milo's first time in a big pool. Pretty exciting stuff. He got pruny toes and everything.
See? Told you.
Milo and I love to go meet Andrew for lunch. We usually go to Jersey Mike's.
Milo got some chips.
Which made him thirsty.
Milo likes to flip over on the changing table now. This means we see a lot of naked baby butt. It is so adorable I can hardly stand it. I do not think it will be so adorable when he learns how to crawl.
Milo angry. Grrr.


Anonymous said...

I told you the pool was "blog worthy"! He is a doll.
Linda Conley

Megan Langford said...

Linda, don't you worry -- the pool outing may still get its own entire post! (That is, if I get the video off the camera reasonably soon.)

Lindsay said...

Naked baby butt! So cute. I think I like his angry face even more though. ;)