Sunday, June 3

My Milo

This boy. How I adore him. He's doing so much, changing so much lately. A few things:

  • He sings with some sort of melody and pitch variation now. Used to just have a monotone sound, and unless you could make out the words, you really wouldn't know he was singing. His new song is "Happy Birthday," which is incredible since I don't even know the last time he was at a birthday party. Kristin, his daycare teacher, said it has been three or four weeks since the last birthday there, but suddenly Milo started singing the song. Huh.
  • He is memorizing books now. We just got The Little Blue Truck, which we had from the library awhile back, but loved so much we bought it. And it's only been in rotation for maybe three days, and he knows the first lines of just about every page, and some pages he has memorized entirely. It's awesome to hear him "reading."
  • He thinks "hi" is a silly word, and he says it all the time and giggles.
  • He says "Olive is my best friend," all the time and my heart melts every single time. His tiny little voice, the way he leans his head over to snuggle her, the way he reaches for her hand. OMG so cute.
  • He can count to ten. I asked him earlier tonight to count to ten, and he said, "One, ten!" I guess he was in a hurry.
  • He has started holding his hands and fingers up and saying, "That's a diamond," or "That's a heart," and he's totally right. He is forming a diamond or a heart. 
  • He's getting pretty good at drinking from a cup, but still tends to rush and spill.
  • He's going to be the ring bearer at my friend Jiao's wedding next weekend, and tonight we were talking about the wedding and how he was going to walk down the "indoor sidewalk" and get dressed up so someone could take his picture, and he just said, "ring bear." He HAS been hearing me when I keep talking about this! So excited. He's going to look aDORable in his little tux!

My kids holding my Mother's Day gift. Don't they look thrilled?

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Grandma Susan said...

I love that little boy!!! He's so much fun.