Tuesday, July 3

Best. Ride. Ever.

My sister gave me and the kids a ride home yesterday, and Milo got to ride in his cousin's car seat. A forward-facing car seat. (Yes, my two-year-old is still rear-facing. Some say crazy. I say crazy safe.) The entire 30-minute drive he just leaned over toward the middle of the car, looked out the front window, and glowed with happiness.

His eyes lit up with every truck, every digger, every overpass. "Whoa!" he kept saying softly. "Whoa, look at dat!" I could barely hear him, but he kept on talking. "Look at dat truck! Dat's a beeeg one!" It was truly the best car trip he's ever been on. Poor kid, it'll be awhile before you get that kind of excitement again. Mean old Mommy is going to keep you rear facing a little while longer.

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