Friday, September 21


Let's talk about sleep for a moment, shall we? Oh, how I miss it. The last three nights, Milo has decided that going to bed isn't a good idea. He lays down initially, but five minutes later is up, out of his room, and heading downstairs.

We calmly walk him back to bed, kiss him goodnight, and leave. He wails. He gets out of bed, opens his door, and walks out.

I take his hand (which he very willingly lets me do), calmly walk him back to bed, kiss him goodnight, and leave. He wails.

Wash, rinse, repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

It has taken somewhere between one and two hours for him to give up and go to sleep.

Then 5:00am comes, and Olive is wailing in her crib. She's been waking up this early for the last couple of weeks. It's getting old.

This morning we had the added bonus of Olive crying at 5:00am, and either waking Milo up or letting him know it was time to get up anyway, and he opened his door, walked across the hall, and opened Olive's door. Just wanted to say good morning, I suppose.

I'm losing my mind, a little bit. Something desperately needs to change. I know you can't make kids eat or sleep. I'm over worrying about what they eat. I know they're doing okay overall when it comes to nutrition. But sleep? This is directly affecting me. And Andrew. And our relationship. Because when we don't get enough sleep, we get cranky, and when we get cranky, we argue. It's no good.

Any advice for me?


Erica said...

Hang tight! It's just a phase and it's bound to happen. Even Emma has periods of a few nights where she doesn't want to go to bed or can't stay alseep in her room all night.

I know that doesn't help at all and may even make you feel worse but it's all I can offer. Unless you want to do a sticker chart with Milo. John's not motivated by things like that but I think it's worked for Gus in the past.

I feel your pain and I'm sorry. :(

Emoly said...

More difficult to open door knobs? Hang in there.

Grandma Susan said...

If you can stand another week, they can stay all night with Grandma and Grandpa when we keep them on the 28th.