Thursday, October 18

Here we go!

Breaking news: Olive got her very first tooth yesterday (when she was eight months old (future Me will be glad she didn't have to do the math))! And her very second tooth! Yes! Two! At one time! It's a phenomenon I have heard of but never witnessed for myself.

Perhaps this explains the 4:00am wake-up call the other day...

She's going standard teething style; her new chompers are the two middle ones on the bottom. They are very tiny and can be more felt than seen at this point.

And now you have more information on my baby's mouth than you thought you needed. You're welcome.


Stacy Mudd said...

So crazy how different kids develop. K had 8 teeth by 7 months old... but of course, he is 14 months and still crawl :) Good luck with teething. When he got 2 at once it was UGLY.

Grandma Susan said...

Can't wait to see the new addition to her smile!