Friday, February 22

How many times can I say the word pee in this post?

Ah, potty training. We're doing it, baby.

Andrew and I had been following that whole wait-'til-he's-ready thing, but about a week ago we changed our tune. Pretty sure Milo was not going to be one of those kids who just up and decided it was time to pee in the potty. Milo is stubborn and determined and willful. He likes to make his own decisions. And so far, he has not wanted much of anything to do with the potty. Not for Skittles. Not for marshmallows. Not for cotton balls (our reward system for Milo: he earns cotton balls for his cotton ball jar when he does something good, then when the jar is full we go out for ice cream or some other fun thing).

Then last weekend, about a month before his 3rd birthday, we just kind of decided it was time. We talked up how Saturday was Big Boy Underwear Day and isn't that soooooo exciting? We get to go to the Big Boy Underwear store and pick out some Big Boy Underwear and—ooh!!—maybe the Big Boy Underwear will have THOMAS on it!! Lots of verbal exclamation points were used.

And thank Sir Topham Hatt, Walmart sold Thomas underwear. Milo and I picked out three (identical) packs for a total of 21 pairs of Big Boy Underwear. I figured that this, combined with the seven pairs of Old Navy truck underwear we already had, would be enough to get us through the first few days, even though the truck underwear was basically unacceptable (to Milo) because the trucks were all on the butt and Milo could not see them and therefore would not wear them.

Milo was very excited about his new Thomas Big Boy Underwear. Upon taking them out of the package, though, Milo was EXTREMELY disappointed that Thomas was on the back. Seriously, underwear manufacturers, get a clue! Little boys want to look at Thomas! And they can't see their own butts! Put the Useful train on the front!! Fortunately, a few of the pairs had all-over patterns, which were acceptable though not as good as the big Thomas.

That first day, Milo had two pee accidents and peed in the potty once. He mostly stayed dry and did not poop all day. I think he was pretty good at holding it from the start of our little potty training adventure. He was still in a diaper for naptime and overnight. And after that first day, there has been no looking back. He no longer wants to wear a diaper ever, though he accepts it at naptime and overnight. He's doing great. He has pooped in the potty TWICE!! and peed several more times.

He's still had accidents every day, but more successes, too. I think he is starting to realize how he  is controlling things and what happens. He likes the candy rewards, but I don't think that is a huge motivator for him. He has gotten to play games on Daddy's tablet while sitting on the potty, and I think that's what really getting him in there. We also set a timer so he knows when it's time to go try to pee. (We've been using the time for other things, too—like so he knows when it's time to go take a bath or read stories before nap, for instance. The timer is good for this kid.) 

This morning he woke up with a dry diaper, which is AMAZING in and of itself, then he went and peed on the potty right away. So proud of him. In less than a week, he's gone from fulltime diaper to waking up dry!

And he looks adorable in his little underwear. Of course, he wears them backward half the time so he can properly see Thomas. This is pretty hilarious, as it causes major wedgies and he's always picking at his undies. But you know, some battles are not worth fighting, and if he wants to wear his underwear backward, so be it.

Parents of little boys, tell me: did you potty train standing or sitting? We have been doing both, but seem to have much more success with sitting. So pretty much sticking to sitting for now. I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to this stuff. Advice, give it to me!


Anonymous said...

Standing boys at our house. A few years ago...
Linda Conley

Making Each Day Count! said...

I really want to try and have K potty trained by 2, simply because there is another pair of buns on the way. I hope it will be an easy process but I'm sure I will be coming back to you for help with all things boy since everyone we know has girls!!!