Wednesday, June 12

A Day Out With Thomas

On Sunday we trekked out to Baldwin to go ride on a larger-than-life Thomas the Tank Engine. Well, more accurately, a train pulled by Thomas. Or at the very least, a train that appeared to be pulled by Thomas. Both Milo and Olive loved it. Freaking LOVED it. They loved seeing Thomas in all his blue glory, they loved boarding the train and choosing a seat, they loved the ride, they loved the scenery. They loved the ticket puncher and hearing the choo-choo and the whistle.

Beyond the train itself, there was a whole little festival of fun. Milo gravitated to the bounce house and a bouncy climbing thing with a slide at the end. Olive liked the block tables and the petting zoo. There were also a bunch of train tables, a fire truck to climb in, temporary tattoos, food vendors, photo ops, and a tent full of merchandise (of course). We had a great time, and probably would have stayed even longer if we weren't all getting hungry (and we had to head back to Shawnee for lunch since Milo had filled his cotton-ball reward jar and we were due for Fritz's--it was a day full of trains) and Olive wasn't starting to look sunburned. Bad Mommy for forgetting sunscreen. I did have the kids in sun hats, but somehow still forgot to put sunblock on them. At least we remembered water cups and diapers.

Now, some photos! (Unfortunately I did not get any photos of the petting zoo. I guess I was too busy trying to make sure the goats didn't bite Olive's fingers off.)