Thursday, August 1

Did she go? In a word, no.

Guess who is wearing diapers full time again? That's right, my dear daughter.

After trying potty training for three days, it was clear that we weren't making a bit of progress. In fact, we were regressing further because now not only was Olive NOT peeing in the toilet, she cried when we even took her in the bathroom.


Rather than scar her for life, we quit. It seemed like she knew when she was peeing and understood what we wanted her to do, but couldn't make it happen. I am still feeling optimistic that perhaps now that she's seen what the goal is, maybe she'll want to try it again on her own sometime. But if not, we will probably try again in maybe four or six months. Who knows?

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Stacy Mudd said...

I just wrote a post on this, too. So disappointing!