Wednesday, October 2

Milo says...

I have the most awesome kid. He says these things that are so funny, so clever, so silly. And he knows he's being silly. I wish you could see his face as he says some of this stuff. He has this half smile, twinkling eyes. Like he's just waiting to see us laugh, and then laugh with us. I love it. Love him.

Some quotes from Milo from the last couple weeks:

"If your chin goes bouncing away, you should probably get a robot chin."

While eating dinner (including some apple slices): "Look, the apple dog is laying on my plate. He will eat your hair."

"I can't wear a construction hat right now. I'm playing, not working."

Completely randomly, also during dinner (where all the best conversations are had, really): "Guys, do you know who Mr. Shower is? Mr. Shower is a shower. You can take a shower in him. You climb into his belly and take a shower there."

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Making Each Day Count! said...

I love all of these - he sounds so awesome. And Mr. Shower is so stinking funny!!