Saturday, December 8

Another Hot Saturday Night

9:15pm – Arrive home from birthday dinner with my parents. Tummy is full. Lots of food. And dessert. And two glasses of wine. Feeling pretty good.

9:19 – Put on pajamas. Feeling even better. Decide to drink more wine.

9:21 – Open wine. Hate corkscrew.

9:22 – Sip wine. Bitter! Make wine-induced funny face. Decide to drink and quit being such a baby.

9:29 – Seems like a good idea to make our Christmas stockings now.

9:31 – Assemble crafty supplies. Sip more wine. Getting used to the bitter thing.

9:37 – Tape together stocking pattern that I printed out last week.

9:39 – Realize it’s going to be a long night (I’m not so crafty).

9:44 – Pattern is taped and cut out. Sip more wine and ponder what to do next.

9:53 – Cut out first stocking shape. Yay! Looks like stocking. Take picture to mark occasion.

9:55 – Oh no! Hostile cat takeover of felt! Must fight for felt.

9:56 – Cat surrenders. Victory is mine.

9:57 – Oh no! Cat returns. Consider moving Cat, sip wine instead.

10:02 – Damn. Realize hot glue gun is not hot. Plug in. Wonder why I ever attempt crafts.

In mah fort, watchin ur bizness.

10:10 – Glue gun ready. Grit teeth and commence gluing.

10:21 – Gluing complete. What’s with the strange grayish line around the edge? Is that going to go away? Is this some kind of Cat sabotage?

10:34 – Stocking ready for ribbons. Pretty ribbons. Not sure how to attach. Ponder briefly.

10:35 – Shrug and reach for wine. And hot glue gun.

10:46 – Ohmystars, 11 minutes for one twee ribbon?! Sigh…

10:56 – Second ribbon done. Down to 10 minutes. Next time aiming for nine…

11:03 – Third ribbon done AND got distracted by the Discovery Channel AND had sip of wine. Wondering why I don’t do artsy craftsy things more often. Clearly some kind of prodigy or something.

11:17 – Stocking #1 complete. Sort of. Still needs a name on it. Is this Andrew’s or Megan’s? How will Santa know where to put the presents? Decide to be done for the night. Discovery Channel just too intriguing.

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