Wednesday, September 24

Ahhh! It's a photo of my boyfriend David Cook!

But not just ANY old photo. Remember when I said that I karaoked with him once a long long time ago? Well. I found photographic evidence of it! How did I find it, you ask? No, it was not in a dusty old attic somewhere (the picture wasn't taken in the 40s, jeebus). I happened to be using my old laptop, and I happened to look at the pictures on it to see if there was anything suitable for my food photo essay on facebook, and I happened to come across this gem. It would be better if I were in the photo, rather than behind the camera, but what can you do? And, as a bonus, due to my fantastic labeling of said photo, I now know when, exactly, it was that the karaoke took place. If only I had been videotaping it. I have no recollection what the song was. Bummer.

I called it "David and Jessie rock out in NKC 11.19.05."
So there you go.

And this is Andrew singing that same night.
At least this sort of resembles proof that
we were actually with David Cook that evening.


Stephanie said...

ok, I already commented about this on facebook and I'm glad to see that your photo labeling skills provide detailed info. BTW, what bar in NKC? I love karaoke!

Domestic Goddess said...

Love the picture, that is awesome. Have you heard his new single yet?

Emoly said...

But did you spend Christmas with him last year? No? I didn't think so. ;-)

Megan Langford said...

Domestic Goddess: I did hear his new single, but just once. Sounds like a good one! I'm sure I'll buy the album when it comes out on Nov. 18th! (I think that's the right date...)

Jeff said...

I'm thinking there's a good chance you might have a photo of me embarrassing myself singing in that album. Could you send it to me if it exists? I want pseudo proof too.