Monday, July 13

Everybody do the worm.

I have worms. Not in the gross way, but the good, composty sort of way. I found a worm seller in Spring Hill, KS (or rather, the worm-preneur found me, via this blog), and on Sunday Andrew and I drove down there and bought three-quarters of a pound of red wigglers. They also gave us a bag of manure and castings to help us get our bin started. Very nice. They gave the worms to us in this jar that they had labeled with their own company label. Pretty cool. I think I may have been the first customer, which is also awesome.

In case you’re interested in starting your own worm bin, here’s how I did it. But don’t copy me until I update you on whether it’s working or not.

Step 1: Buy container; drill air holes.
Step 2: Fill with shredded paper.
Step 3: Let cat play in shredded paper.
Step 4: Dampen paper with squirt bottle.
Step 5: Put on rubber gloves; dump in manure/castings.
Step 6: Dump in jar of worms.
Step 7: Realize that worms will not just fall out of the jar.
Step 8: Reach into the jar and start shoveling out worms.
Step 9: Huh. Notice that worms are much warmer than I expected.
Step 10: Shovel more worms.
Step 11: Bury worm pile with shredded paper.
Step 12: Add handful of chopped up food waste; cover with more shredded paper.
Step 13: Put lid on, wait for something to happen.


Stephanie said...

That's disgusting.

But I can't wait for you to post a new photo shortly of the worm's progress!

p.s. Love the step-by-step!

MOM said...

Interesting location for your worm habitat. Did the cats not want to share their living space with your new friends? I guess the dining room is closer to the kitchen for quick composting.
Maybe you and Courtney can have a competition to see whether California worms or Kansas worms make better compost makers.

Molly said...

Megan, this is fascinating. I love the pictorial spread and the worm close-ups. I'm so glad I'm living vicariously through you and am not scooping out the worms...

Courtney said...

Just an update on our composting...far fewer worms are now hanging out on the rim of the bin than there were the first few days. I guess now that there is a bunch of food down below they realize they have better things to do than just hang out.

We are also starting to see a fair amount of worm castings if we dig around, and some of our worms are getting huge! Good times--I'm so glad you turned us on to this activity.

Kenton said...

Thanks for the update. I hope it works!