Sunday, July 5

V is for Vermicompost: Continued

On Saturday morning, I woke up at 6:40am, showered, and went to the farmers' market (the big one in KC, the one that is a 25-minute drive to reach) because the worm guy was going to be there. And I had spent my Friday night shredding paper and drilling holes in a plastic storage bin so I'd be ready for my worms. (I know, you are sooo jealous of my fantastic weekend, right?) (Seriously, though, my weekend was fantastic.)

But the worm guy was not there. We walked everywhere, up and down the rows, but we couldn't find anyone selling worms. We did buy six peaches, a bunch of onions, and a dozen ears of corn (that, incidentally, had tiny worms in them). But the worm guy wasn't there.

Due to the magical power of the smart phone, we looked him up on teh intarweb, and found that due to the recent surge in popularity of the worms, he wasn't going to the farmers' market in order to give his worms time to, um, replenish, if you know what I mean (bow chicka bow wow).


He'll allegedly be back selling worms at the farmers' market on July 18. And that is when I will start vermicomposting. Allegedly.


Anonymous said...

6:40 on a Saturday! I believe you will have no trouble finding homes for your extra worms, assuming you eventually get some yourselves.

Courtney said...

Bummer! Who would have thought that the worm business is booming like that?

Spring Hill Wormboy said...

We saw your "veri" post - sorry you did not get your "herd" - my son has been itching to start selling worms - you know how hard it is for a 10yr old too wait for anything... his dad finally said we have enough to spare some to sell. So, not sure if you are committed to the other worm guy or would consider buying some from another local worm-preneur (he has decided on $18/lb + s&h after doing his own internet research - but he might be willing to negotiate with a "live" customer and you could also provide your own s&h).

If interested, you can email us at (happy to share our worm knowledge too, orders not necesary)