Wednesday, October 14

My mother-in-law will cringe when she reads this.

It’s funny how plans change. Andrew and I had all these lofty goals for the way things would be when I was pregnant, like how we’d eat all our meals at home and cook with fresh, organic ingredients. And of course I’d stay away from desserts and rarely drink caffeine.

But then I got pregnant. And the fresh, organic, blah blah blah all went out the window.

Today my lunch consisted of a slice of pizza with Canadian bacon, pineapple, and something crispy and delicious that just may be regular bacon. And some ranch dressing to dip it in. But that’s not all. I washed down the pizza with a Dr. Pepper, then finished it all off with chocolate cake with little Oreo crumbles on top. Frankly, I ought to be embarrassed to share this information, and I may end up deleting this post later to erase the evidence.

But seriously, this was a very tasty lunch. Possibly the worst lunch (in terms of the health benefits I gained from it) I’ve had since my oyster cracker days, but very satisfying. And I’m positive that this is what the baby wanted today.


Courtney said...

You go, girl! Eat that chocolate and enjoy it!

Lindsay said...

Gotta give the baby what it wants! :)

Sheryl said...

Your MIL's not the only one cringing ... ICK!!!!

Emoly said...

Hey, cheese in any form=calcium and protein. At least in my book. Also, I read somewhere we're supposed to get good amounts of fat. I'm sure it said something about how the fat should come from healthy sources like fatty fish and nuts or something, but it also mentioned milkshakes.

The Magic of Food said...

Megan - too late to delete! I think you should eat whatever makes you feel good - just make sure you are honest with yourself and that you aren't trying to justify anything! If you feel good then you are doing exactly what your body wants. If you don't - then you have to experiment and if Dr. Pepper is on the experimentation list - then go for it!