Tuesday, November 10

One lame excuse after another

Remember how I used to post occasionally? I thought I might even show you pictures of my ever-expanding belly, perhaps even on a weekly basis. But clearly that hasn't happened. I sat down last night to post the most recent belly picture, only to find (or rather NOT find) that the camera's transfer-upload-picture-moving cord thing was not in its usual location. (I blame Andrew.) Alas, I could not upload the most recent belly pics to the computer.

But! I could not just leave with you nothing. (And without a picture, I have nothing.) However, I do have a belly picture that is now nearly two weeks old. Honestly, though, I pretty much look the same way. Without further ado, here is me at 19 weeks.


Grandma Susan said...

Looking Good!!!
I know the time seems to be going slowly for you, but I am amazed when I check your blog at how your countdown numbers seem to be going down so quickly. He'll be here before we know it---and I can't wait!

Kenton said...

I can't believe our parents are going to be/are grandparents. See you on Sat!

Courtney said...

Awwww. You look great!