Wednesday, November 4

Our Very First Baby Pictures

Now that we’ve shared it with family and friends, I can finally share it with the internet. We had our first sonogram nearly two weeks ago, and I’m happy to report that everything is growing as it should be and that our baby appears to be healthy.

And, it’s . . . a BOY! Can you even believe it? I’m going to have a son. I was stunned. I was so convinced that we were having a girl, that for a moment I was sure there was some sort of mistake. But nope. I’m no sonogram expert, but as you’ll see below, he is for sure a boy. Slowly but surely I’m adjusting to this news. I almost believe it.

Since we found out the sex, this whole thing has become much more real. I am able to imagine what our lives will be like, and think about the future in a much more concrete way. We can focus on names better, and we can buy cute little clothes when we see them. It’s kind of amazing, really, how much of a difference it’s made. My dad recommended that we wait until delivery to find out, but I wholeheartedly endorse finding out ahead of time. Knowing whether the little person in there is a boy or a girl has made it much easier to get started on that whole bonding thing. And I only have twenty weeks left to really get to know this little guy.

Isn’t he just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?


Grandma Susan said...

I know I'm one excited Grandma! Let the shopping begin!!!

Anonymous said...

He is adorable! I'm sure I will get to help Grandma Susan pick out some cute things. I might add that they told us Brent was a girl (Amy) and the shock was when HE was born. Of course, sonograms have come a long way since then. Bryan ask us for months what happened to Amy.
Linda Conley

Lindsay said...

I'm so excited for Gavin to have a new little friend coming in March! And I still hope he has red hair... :)

Courtney said...

How cute! I'm sure my nephew will be the most adorable baby since, well, Austin.

katy said...

Aw you guys got such cute profile shots... he is cute indeed... I'm sure he'll be even cuter once he's out :)

Can't wait to see you and that belly of yours soon!