Friday, February 5

That Wasn't So Bad

Andrew and I took a class last night called "Newborn Care Essentials." I was a little nervous going into it. For the last several days, I seem to cry at the drop of a hat. Sometimes I'm frustrated, sometimes I'm tired, sometimes that one girl's story on American Idol was just too tragic. So I was worried that something in the class would seem overwhelming to me, and I would have some sort of breakdown right there in front of fifteen infant-sized dolls.

But it wasn't bad at all. In fact, I don't think I really learned much of anything. And not even because I was too busy staring at the basket full of Rice Krispie treats (our mid-class break snack) to pay attention. It was because I already knew this stuff. Apparently my very small amount of baby experience and all those books and blogs I've been reading have taught me more than I thought. I almost feel ready to take on this whole caring-for-a-baby thing. Almost. Of course there will be much to learn and figure out. But it doesn't seem so scary.

Now, my suddenly swollen feet and ankles are another story. Those are scary. I now have two pairs of shoes that fit comfortably—my tennis shoes and my snow boots. So that's fantastic. Sometime this weekend I'm going shoe shopping, looking for one versatile, comfortable pair that I can wear every day for the next six to eight weeks. Preferably a pair that just slips on and doesn't require me to tie any laces or use my hands in any way. Also, if the shoes could manage to not be terrible ugly, that would be a bonus.


Lindsay said...

Good news is: we're getting snow this weekend so the boots will be just fine while you're shopping for a new pair.

p.s. Make Andrew rub your feet!

Linda and Matthew said...

I had a pair of those shoes with Charlotte. I wore them every day for about 8 weeks. Soon, even those became slightly uncomfortable so I switched to flip flops, squeezing my feet into the other pair when I had to go to court. I got a lot of looks around the courthouse with my purple adidas flipflops, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

By the way, the above mentioned flip flops are now Matt's because my preggo feet stretched them out too much to be worn by me now and the other shoes got put away with the maternity clothes because I never wanted to see the darn things again.

Good luck with the shoe hunt!

Emoly said...

I see Crocs in your future..;-)

Courtney said...

Glad the class wasn't "so bad!" You will be great with your newborn--cuddle, cuddle, cuddle and you can't go far wrong. Now when they get to be toddlers...they should have a class for dealing with that!

katy said...

we will be in town the 27/28 of this month and I insist that we get a chance to see you guys! and oh, yeah, I'm sure you're going to do great :) If I can do it anyone can!

オテモヤン said...
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