Friday, January 14

Teeth: the remix

Well. Remember that one time when I thought Milo totally had a tooth but then crazily enough it turned out he did not have a tooth? No? Let me refresh your memory. One time I thought Milo had a tooth but then crazily enough it turned out he did not have a tooth.

But now! Now he does have a tooth! And I'm really certain of it this time. It has been confirmed by at least three other people, all of whom have stuck their fingers into my baby's mouth to feel around for said tooth. And they all have said with a certain amount of authority, "Oh, yes, I can DEFINITELY feel a tooth. What a sharp little nugget!" (Can you believe they all said "nugget"?) The tooth was first discovered last Tuesday, January 4. I've been waiting to mention it because of December's toothtastrophe. I needed confirmation from unaffiliated parties. But I have sufficient evidence, so hooray for teeth! And chewing!

(BTW, it's on the bottom, right center. Milo's right. Someone should really make me a tooth chart, like someone made that one time. (ahem))

I don't want to get your hopes (or mine) up, but there is something else. There just might actually be TWO teeth in that little gummy mouth. This morning as I poked around, I am pretty sure I felt two teeth, right next to one another. But that silly Milo wouldn't open his mouth to show me, even though I asked nicely.


Emoly said...

Try hanging him upside down. Eli almost always opens his mouth if you hang him upside down.

Grandma Susan said...

I can't believe he wouldn't open his mouth when you asked nicely. I'm sure he's just playing a game with you. Hmmm...let me know how the "hanging upside down" works. Just don't stand "down drool".

Courtney said...

I might have to appropriate that tooth chart. Austin's baby book had one but Esther's does not. (Hallmark, you've kind of let me down here.) Of course, I forgot to fill in Austin's chart for the last few teeth...hopefully he will be able to forgive me one day when I cannot tell him when his second molars appeared. If I don't have a chart for Esther then I cannot forget to fill it in. Hmm...

Is Milo a biter? (Of you, I mean.)

Stephanie said...

1. I think I need to come over to verify.

2. Did you know that my tooth chart is number 9 in Google Images for "Baby Tooth Chart". (which is actually disappointing because I believe at one point in time it was number 3 or so.) And it's my most popular post, I get the most random e-mails from that little guy.

3. I love Emoly's comment.