Monday, December 6


Milo's first tooth popped through today! Very exciting stuff. And now we have an explanation for last night's excessive crying.

In case it matters, the tooth is on the bottom, in the middle. I can't even tell if it is on his left or right. Much like the color of Milo's hair, we'll just have to wait and see.

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Emoly said...

First one is the worst. See--you were totally right.
Mama knows.

Grandma Susan said...

Way to go Milo. Way to push that first tooth through. We knew there were teeth in there somewhere.

Linda and Matthew said...

Yay! Now he and Audrey can bite each other if they see each other this Christmas.

Don't let Milo chew on you- baby teeth are SHARP!

Lindsay said...

Yay for teeth!

Stephanie said...

Facebook had it right when they added the like button, because I would "like" this.