Tuesday, February 8

Hand Gestures (the Not-Rude Ones)

Milo is learning how to use his hands. We got the high-five down weeks ago, and we've been working on waving. He is definitely getting better at understanding when waving is appropriate, and in fact might overuse the wave. He waves at the kitty, he waves at us during dinner, he waves at the doorway when he hears Daddy downstairs. And occasionally he even waves hello or bye-bye.

Milo has also begun clapping. Ohmygoodness, is it cute! It's a silent clap, but he claps with his entire body. Arms flailing, body bouncing up and down. He gets so excited. But he also claps at odd times—when nursing, for example. I guess he just thinks my milk is worth applauding.

I think blowing kisses should be his next hand gesture. I've been blowing a lot of kisses his way, but so far he seems unimpressed.

I've also been (rather sporadically) introducing some sign language, and he has yet to use any of those signs either. The main ones I'm working on are "more" and "all done." "Milk" is secondary, mostly because I keep forgetting to use that one (plus it's harder for him to see me sign something when he's nursing).

I just love seeing him learn all these new things. It's so amazing to see what he's picking up on when I don't even notice it. I just love that kid.


Emoly said...

Eli just started clapping this week--not sure he understands its purpose. He was clapping while crying last night. Hilarious for us but then we just feel bad about laughing at the crying baby.

And yay for a new post! I was hoping one would show up today.

Sheryl said...
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Sheryl said...

Reassure Milo that I wave to my kitty, too (and blow kisses). Unfortunately, the only waves I ever get at the dinner table mean "no thanks."

He sounds like such a doll! If you ever need a sitter and grandmas Susan and Sarah are busy, give me a call!