Sunday, February 20

What? Eleven months old? How can that be?

At eleven months, we still have one more month until Milo's next check-up, but I think he weighs between 20 and 21 pounds. No idea how tall he is. Tall enough to peer over the arm of the sofa.

At eleven months, Milo has begun to point at things he wants. For awhile, he just grunted and bounced in place when he wanted something. Now he points. Who taught him how to point?

At eleven months, Milo has figured out how many of his toys work. He rolls the timer on his kitchen set to hear his favorite song. He opens and shuts the tiny fridge door. He stacks the colored rings. He can make the ball popper start. He takes the puzzle pieces out and claps them together. I'm sure it won't be long before he can put the puzzle pieces back in the board.

At eleven months, Milo can cruise the furniture. He will stretch out an arm to get from the chair to the coffee table. His favorite routes are back and forth in front of the coffee table, and back and forth along the hearth and TV.

At eleven months, Milo will walk holding onto just one hand. We keep encouraging him to take his first steps, but he hesitates. He will stand independently, and can slowly lower himself to the ground, but he doesn't want to walk without support.

At eleven months, Milo likes to blow spit bubble. "Mmmmuuuuh. Mmmmuuuuh. Mmmmuuuuh," he'll say, over and over and over, with a very serious expression on his face. And these giant bubbles of spit spew forth from his mouth. Then the drool starts running down his face, soaking his shirt. He's pretty much in a drool bib all the time these days.

At eleven months, Milo has no patience for the spoon. He will shake his head no when we offer him food on a spoon, but will eat the same thing if he picks it up off the tray himself.

At eleven months, Milo is now riding rear-facing in his new convertible car seat. We've only been using the new seats for a few days, and things are going fairly well. Milo doesn't seem to love getting in the chair, but I think it's just because he isn't used to traveling this way. Even after just a few days, his protests are lessening.

At eleven months, Milo likes to crawl all over us to play. He likes to lean into us, then throw himself backward. Fortunately we caught on to this game, so we're ready to catch him before he hits the floor.

At eleven months, Milo likes veggies and meat, especially when they're mixed together in little meatballs.

At eleven months, Milo will sit in restaurant high chairs, but he leans his head back as far as he can, so he's looking at the ceiling. This makes me extremely nervous that he's going to choke.

At eleven months, Milo babbles and babbles. Sometimes he makes high-pitched screaming sort of noises, but cute ones.

At eleven months, Milo swipes his hands back and forth across his high chair tray when he is done eating. This is typically followed by throwing any remaining food on the floor, so it's usually our cue to clean him up.

At eleven months, Milo is a huge snuggler.

At eleven months, Milo still has just two teeth.

At eleven months, Milo likes to hang upside down, be tossed onto the bed, and run around with Daddy.

At eleven months, Milo doesn't twist and turn as much on the changing table. Not sure if it's because he's really any different or because we've started giving him his paci when he's on the table.

At eleven months, Milo definitely loves his pacifier.

At eleven months, Milo does not have a lovey.

At eleven months, Milo sleeps primarily on his tummy.

At eleven months, Milo still takes crappy naps at daycare and excellent naps in the arms of his grandmothers.

At eleven months, Milo's morning nap is beginning later in the morning. I wonder if he is beginning to phase it out.

At eleven months, Milo experiments a lot with new sounds. One of them is his new laugh, a low-pitched, fast growly sort of noise, like "Heh heh heh." Very fake-laugh sounding.

At eleven months, Milo sleeps through the night. And I'm going to say that without any caveats. About two or three weeks ago we just decided we weren't going to get up with him anymore. After a few nights of no problems, and one night of a solid two hours of crying, he's done really well. Aside from occasionally being ready to get up at 5am, I love his new sleeping pattern.

At eleven months, I want to keep Milo this age for a few months. He's awfully cute right now. I'm not ready for him to be one year old yet.

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Courtney said...

I just absolutely cannot wait to see you and Andrew and Milo. With Esther sitting up and playing now, it will be so fun to watch all the cousins play together.