Saturday, April 23


I am giving away some Very Fine Art to some lucky readers. I bought six of these prints in Hallmark's Double D (for "double discount") shop awhile back, thinking I could replace the watercolors with something different and just use the frames. But in the end, we decided to go a different route with our design plan (and the frames weren't quite as easy to reuse as I hoped).

They're great frames, very high quality. As you'll see in the corner sticker, these originally retailed for $45. And the art isn't so bad, though it's not my style. If my company's policy would allow it, I'd try to sell them. But that could get me fired, so instead I shall give them away.

Each frame measures 15.5" x 18", with the mat opening 8.5" x 11". If you want one (or more) of these fine beauties, just let me know in the comments. Local readers preferred, as I don't particularly want to ship it to you.


The Mudds said...

I would love this! And what a coincidence... I will be at your house in a couple of hours :)

Linda and Matthew said...

We'll take one. Can you reuse the frames? We'll be in town fairly soon if you don't mind hanging on to it for a little longer.