Wednesday, April 6

A New Word

At Milo's 12-month check-up, the doctor asked if Milo had said any words yet. We said that he could say "kitty," but nothing else. She said that by his 15-month check-up, he would probably know three to five words. I brushed it off, thinking, "No way. He's been saying 'kitty' for a month. How could he possibly get five more words in just a few short months?"

But. (You know where this is going, eh?) After breakfast this morning I asked Milo if he was ready to get up, and he raised his arms and so clearly said, "Up. Up."

I said, "Did you just say 'up'? You totally just said 'up!' Yay!" And that is literally how it went. I know you all appreciate the play-by-play.

So maybe Milo will have three to five words by June 21. (By the way, Andrew thinks Milo can say "balloon" too, but I'm not convinced.)

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