Tuesday, May 10

The End of an Era

Milo has officially weaned.

Sometime last week he started to seem less interested in nursing. We'd sit down together, I'd lift my shirt and he'd rest in the crook of my arm, but would only nurse for a moment. I'd try a few times, and he might show a little interest, but after just a few minutes he'd squirm and wiggle down off my lap. After a couple days of this, he refused to even take my breast at all.

Three more days of attempted nursing, and not once did he even have a taste. Then we went to Springfield for an overnight, and it was all over. The night we returned, I didn't even try to get him to nurse. And he didn't miss it.

This evening Milo and I read three books and snuggled and rocked before he went to bed, and even that snuggly closeness didn't tempt him to nurse. So I'm calling it. Stick a fork in us, because we're done.

This is the way I hoped it would end. On Milo's timetable, I mean. But I'm still kind of bummed. Breastfeeding was perhaps the most difficult thing I've ever done, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I should be thrilled that it's over. But I'm sad. My baby doesn't need me anymore.


Grandma Susan said...

Oh, he needs you---and always will. The kind of need just evolves. There are still tons of snuggles in that little guy!

Linda and Matthew said...

He'll always need you! He's just at a point now where he needs something different from you. Yay for growing up!

Linda and Matthew said...
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Lindsay said...

It's so hard, isn't it? I'm sad for you--and yet still SO happy that it wasn't a struggle and that he did it himself.

Congratulations on 14 successful months of nursing!!

p.s. Milo will ALWAYS need his momma. ;)

Emoly said...

Oh that boy needs you. He needs you lots. We're 29 and I know we still need our mamas. Congratulations! Let's not forget about the 9 months before that you fed him--over 2 years you fueled that boy! This is just the next exciting chapter of motherhood.