Sunday, May 22

He's 14 Months Old

In the last month, Milo has learned a few new words. He says "hi" and "bye" or "byebye." His "hi" makes him sound Southern, like "hiiiyuuuh." He also waves when he says these things. Milo has also learned "Mama." He has said it for a long time, but I never felt like he associated it with me as a name. But now I think he does. He comes over to me, lifts his arms as if he wants to be picked up, and says, "Mama!" So there you have it.

Milo has learned the sign language for "all done" and uses it regularly. It's much better than picking up his plate or throwing his food onto the floor to signal he's done eating.

He bobs along to music and sometimes taps out the beat on his chest or belly.

Milo knows how to go down the stairs. He sits, turns around, and scoots down on his belly. He's really quick, too.

When I say, "May I have that (insert object here), please?" he smiles and hands me the object. When I use this trick to ask for his paci, Andrew is impressed when he just hands it over. I am hoping Milo continues to be so willing as he grows. Occasionally he does not hand over the object, and hesitates, then shakes his head no. But only occasionally.

In the evenings, we have been going for walks. Not with the stroller—Milo walks, too. He follows the sidewalk as far as it will take him. It's pretty fun, just strolling along and letting Milo explore.

Milo is still a good eater. He eats a lot at almost every meal, then his belly just sticks out so round. Andrew calls him "Iron Belly."

Lately, Milo has become fascinated with ceiling fans. He points at them, stares at them, and gets super excited when we turn them on.

Milo is the most easy-going baby in the world. He falls asleep easily, he sleeps through the night, he's playful and fun, he eats well, he's a good cuddler, and he charms everyone he meets.

Milo loves bananas and does a little happy bounce when he knows that someone is peeling one for him.

Milo walks exclusively. I haven't seen him crawl in a long time.

He loves blowing raspberries in the air and using his fingers to make an underwater noise. He is excellent at imitating the sounds we make, like clicking our tongues or popping out our cheeks.

Nana has been taking Milo swimming, and though I haven't seen it, she says that he really likes it and even sticks his face in the water. Crazy.

This week Milo will be officially moved up into the next age classroom at daycare. I'm really sad about this. I know it's probably a good thing. He'll like playing with kids that are a little older. But I just don't know his new teachers, and I don't know what it's going to be like, and Idon'twantmybabytogrowupwaaaaaaahhhhh.

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem possible that he is 14 months already, crazy. He is such a cutie!!