Wednesday, December 14

I should get out more, if this is all I have to talk about.

This morning Milo took a shower with Daddy, then, just like every time he showers with Daddy, he ran around naked until Andrew got dressed. Except this morning was not like every other time. This time Milo came into the bedroom (where I was still in bed), played with the buttons on my alarm clock, then squatted, grunted, and pooped on the floor. Then he stepped on the poop.

Andrew scooped up Milo and took him into the other room to get cleaned up and diapered. I cleaned the poop from the carpet. And after it was all over with, my only thought was, "Huh, I really should've taken a picture of the poop before picking it up." Ah, parenthood.


Lindsay said...

This story is awesome. And awful. :) Definitely one to keep as blackmail for the teenage years. Ick!

Kenton said...

The look so smart until they start acting like this.

Grandma Susan said...

That was my chuckle for the week. Note to self: "Don't let Milo run around my house naked!"