Tuesday, April 17

Olive is two months (and a bonus week or so) old!

Olive is ten weeks old, if you can believe that. She's had her official two-month check-up, and she's measuring quite well.

Weight: 12 lbs., 75th percentile
Length: 23 inches, 80th percentile
Head circumference: 15 1/2 inches, 80th percentile

She's looking less like Milo and more like Olive. I had this moment of clarity awhile back when I looked at her and just thought, of course this is what she looks like. This is my daughter, it's so obvious. It's hard to explain, I think, but it was like I recognized her from way back or something, like I've always known her.

She is smiling a lot these days, especially if she is being smiled at. She responds to big goofy grins and silly, high-pitched voices. Her dimples are knocking 'em dead left and right. Man, those dimples are cute.

I adore Olive's hair. It seems to be getting even longer, and it completely sticks up on the top/back. It's very red in the sun, though not quite as strawberry-blonde as my natural color. A little browner-hued, I think. I'm curious to see how her hair color changes as she grows, or if it will change.

Her schedule is becoming more regular. Wakes for the day around 7:00, eats, hangs out for a bit, then back to sleep for a good long morning nap. Sleeps/eats/wakes during the afternoon, eating every three hours or so. Slightly fussy in the late afternoon/evening, but still pretty easy to placate. Down for the night by 8:30, usually closer to 7:30 (but I want to push it a little later). Wakes once at about 3:00 to eat and get a diaper change. It's not too bad. My main complaint is that she isn't great at napping in her crib during the day. She sleeps great there at night, but prefers to be snuggled for daytime naps. It's not super conducive to me doing much of anything.

Olive takes awhile to get good and worked up about something. If she is hungry/poopy/uncomfortable/sleepy/etc., she sort of quietly whines and whimpers. If not responded to, she builds up to a good steady cry. She rarely turns it up to 11, which is nice.

She's getting stronger all the time and now can hold her head for a minute or two at a time. She supports her upper body, too, briefly. Seems to prefer being more upright and looking out at the world than in a reclined position in someone's arms. Still rolling over tummy to back, but not back to tummy yet. She's gotten close, but hasn't managed to flip all the way.

Olive has, in her short life, been hit in the face with a toy, kicked in the face (albeit gently) by her brother, and been placed too close to the edge of Milo's bed (due to the face-kicking, I was trying to move her out of harm's way, forgetting how wiggly she has become)(and thankfully the bed is just a mattress on the floor) and rolled off (courtesy of yours truly)(I was tied up changing an unexpectedly poopy diaper of Milo's and feel terrible about the whole face-planting thing). Kids with older siblings have to be tough, don't they? Not sure how I ended up so wimpy. Clearly my sister was not tough enough on me.

Olive has definitely wiggled into this family. It's becoming more natural for me to say I have two kids and talk about being a family of four. And I think I like it.

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Linda and Matthew said...

Yup, younger siblings have to be tough! Audrey went through a much-too-long phase of having her pulled daily when Charlotte wanted attention. Now Audrey is the hair puller. The refereeing never ends. Hope we get to meet that sweet baby girl before she's a toddler!