Saturday, April 7

Worth it

Guess where Olive and I are? What, you don't want to guess? Okay then, I will tell you. We're in Indiana, PA, visiting my sister and her family!

Courtney is 32 weeks pregnant with identical twins and has recently been put on bed rest. My mom had decided to drive out here to help out with household stuff and Courtney's two kids. And I thought, I wish I could go visit and introduce Olive to her Aunt Courtney. Then I thought... why can't I go?

So I started thinking it through. Olive would need to go with me since I am her only food source at the moment. I'd need to reschedule the kids' doctors appointments. How would I get back, since Mom would be staying six or seven weeks? I'd miss Easter. And would Andrew be okay to take care of Milo solo for a week? And could I stand being away from Milo and Andrew for that long?

So. Andrew was fine with the whole thing and encouraged me to go. I rescheduled the doctors appointments. The Easter Bunny came early to our house. My amazing in-laws gave me points to use for a flight home. And even though I knew I'd miss my boys like crazy, I decided to go.

It's a 900-mile trip, and Olive did really great. She slept a lot, and only fussed for short periods of time. Of course we had to stop frequently for feeding her and changing her diaper, but it wasn't too bad.

Did I mention that my visit was a total surprise to Courtney? She knew Mom was coming, but we kept my participation a secret. So when we got here, my mom walked in, then I followed behind. I got an amazing greeting. Big hugs and even a few tears. She was so glad to see me and to meet Olive. If I hadn't made this trip, she wouldn't have gotten to meet Olive until the end of June, and that is just too long.

I do miss Milo like crazy. The first night I was gone, Andrew told me he forgot I wasn't there and after bath, he went to the top of the stairs and called "Mommy!" like he always does so I'll come up and read stories to him. Broke my heart a little. We've been hanging out on Google+, so I've gotten to see him and give him virtual kisses and high fives, but it's sure not the same as hugging that little guy and tucking him into bed.

It's good to be here, though. I am having fun with my niece and nephew, and it's great to see my sister and brother-in-law. And while I can't wait to meet my future nephews, I sure hope they hold off until well after I go back home.

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