Monday, November 26


Yesterday, for the first time, Milo told me that something was his favorite. I've asked him before what his favorite color was, or what his favorite story was. And he has never been able to answer. I don't think he understood what "favorite" meant. So when he mentioned something about favorites, I decided to ask him about a few others.

"What's your favorite food, Milo?"

"What's your favorite color?"
"Really? I thought you were going to say blue."
(Oprah-like) "It's lellll-ohhhhh!"

"What's your favorite animal?"
"A bear."

So there you have it. Straight from Milo's mouth. A few of his favorite things.

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Anonymous said...


Milo can also express negative feelings. Last night I read to Milo the Dr. Seuss book that talks about Pat sitting on a hat, a bat, a cat, etc. When I read the page with the "Pat sat on cat" line, Milo turned to me (with a real look of concern on his face) and said: "That would be horrible."

Grandpa Russ