Wednesday, November 14


Milo peed in the potty tonight! First time it was totally intentional on his part. He stood, and I tossed a square of toilet paper in for him to aim at. And within 30 seconds, maybe, he peed! And it nearly all went in the toilet!

I cheered, and we called down for Daddy. Andrew came up and saw the pee, cheered, and gave Milo his very first "I peed!" Skittle.

Then Andrew asked him what we do after we pee. Milo said, "Put your penis down." Andrew said, "What else? We flush!" And Milo proudly flushed.

He was so proud. Smiling and cheering right along with us. After bath we called Grandma and Grandpa (left a message) and Nana. Got to tell Nana all about it. She was very excited, too.

I am so proud of him. Yay, Milo!

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