Sunday, January 13

Olive Walks: The Video

Get this: Milo and Olive starting walking AT EXACTLY THE SAME AGE.

Yes, it's true. Eleven months and three days.

As you know, Olive has been tossing around the idea of walking for a long time, but hasn't gotten her act together to just do it already. But on Friday, she did. Andrew and I set up camp about six feet apart and helped her stand until she was balanced. Then we would let her go and the other one would encourage her to head his way. Wouldn't you know it, she actually did. She took a whole bunch of steps.

Hooray for Olive!

Funnily enough, we were at the mall. Down in that play area by the carousel. Andrew tried to take a crappy cell phone video, but he had it in still-camera mode and took a probably-blurry-and-instantly-deleted photo instead. FAIL. And also we were trying to keep an eye on our other child. (And yes, sadly, that is what we did for Friday night entertainment: went to the mall for Panera and playtime. Parenthood! It does wonders for your social life!)

But didn't someone say something about a video? Oh, yes, that.


Grandma Susan said...

Yea Olive!!!

Making Each Day Count! said...

Woo Hoo! She is adorable and I love how Milo is just doing his own thing like nothing is going on, so funny.