Thursday, January 3


It snowed a few days after Christmas. This happened.

Me: Milo, look! Come here and look out the window!
Milo: [runs over]
Me: Look out there—what is that?!
Milo: It's snowing!
Me: Yeah, it's snowing! Yay!
Milo: [getting very excited] Is it Christmas now?!

Later we played outside. Milo was not so into playing in the snow at first. I had to force three pairs of pants and three pairs of socks on him. I kept saying, "We're going to have fun. Now, sit still." Nice. Once we finally made it outside, he literally screamed and tried to get back inside. What the what, kid?

But I went ahead and began playing in the snow and eventually he gave in. His favorite thing was having me make snowballs and then throw them up high so they'd "go splat" on the driveway. NOT on the grass NOOOO MOMMY ON THE DRIIIIIIIVEWAYYYYY!!!! Geez Louise, okay okay, driveway splat only. (Milo was kind of up and down and up and down.)

In the end, we had a lot of fun in the snow. He threw lots of snowballs at me. I got him a couple times too. We filled a bucket with snow and dumped it out sand-castle style. Then we smashed it. I built a tiny snowman and failed to produce a carrot nose. Milo got mad when I tried to make a snow angel, but later he made one (albeit he was leaning against our retaining wall at the time, so it didn't really show up). And we threw lots and lots of snowballs up into the air. Splat!


Courtney said...

What are you, the cute hat family? Love you both and your hats!

Making Each Day Count! said...

I can so relate to the "we are going to have fun" idea. Thankfully most times that I am demanding fun we usually end up having it. Abby was always hesitant with playing outside, she never wanted to get dirty which I could never leave alone, lol. Of course that involved me getting completely dirty or covered in something to encourage her to do the same. :) Your hats are so cute, both of you - you look great in yours!