Tuesday, March 12

Olive is 13 Months Old

So here it is, just a couple weeks after my big "she's one!" post for Olive. And guess what? She's already thirteen months. Wowza, time flies, eh?

Since I was so late with the last post, I don't feel like that much has changed with her since last time. But let's just dig in and see.

She now has one top tooth for sure (her front left) and possibly a second top tooth on the right, and one molar on the bottom left has started to poke through her gums. She had a rough couple of days when (we guessed) her teeth were really hurting. Extra clingy and extra crabby. Poor thing.

She prefers to be carried. Especially when I'm making dinner or brushing my teeth.

She looks adorable in a headband. Correction: she looks adorable in a headband for about 45 seconds. Then she pulls the headband off.

Olive's new words are banana, belly, up, and Zadie. Semi-related: she thinks Zadie is hilarious and loves watching her. Olive will just stare at her and start giggling. Then if Zadie does something (anything, really), like jump down from a chair, Olive shrieks with laughter.

Olive likes to pull her shirt up and pat her tummy and say "behleh." She likes it if you pat her tummy, too, or tickle her. It's really an invitation to tickle, I think.

She and Milo love playing together. It's pretty awesome to have two kids close in age who can entertain each other.

Olive is a good eater generally, but she's a bread girl. Waffles, toast, crackers, pancakes, bagels, cereal, etc. etc. She also enjoys a nice pasta. Cheese, not so much. Fruit, yes please. Veggies, meh. Sometimes she's into veggies, not always. Yogurt and oatmeal, yes and yes.

She haaaaates having her hands and face wiped after a meal. Screams, twists in her seat, fusses to the max. We're all, what the hey, kid, we even warmed your washcloth in the microwave for ten seconds so it is like a luxurious spa treatment or something. Why all the screaming?

She gives kisses on command, which is my favorite thing.

Olive takes a bath around 7:00pm, then Andrew or I read to her. Then she's down in her crib around 7:30. She is a good sleeper and sleeps through the night. Occasionally she wakes up sans paci and fusses, half awake, until she finds it (or Mommy or Daddy finds it for her). Then she is still kind of an early riser, though it's getting better. She usually wakes up around 6:00am. Sometimes a bit before that, sometimes as much as 15 minutes after that. Maybe once or twice she slept until about 6:30.

Olive is getting into the girly girl stuff, wearing necklaces and carrying around her baby doll. She's decidedly uninterested in Milo's trains and trucks. She's my girly, sassy, fierce, determined, wonderful little lady.

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Making Each Day Count! said...

She is so stinking cute! I am very excited to join the club with kids close in age. Siblings are fun but I think it will be such a different dynamic with them being close in age, I can't wait! And I'm happy to hear that K is not the only one that won't leave her headband in, I feel like it's a constant fight these days!

Oh and about the wiping of the hands and face - K did the same until we started giving her the wipe or washcloth first. She gets about a minute to play with it and "clean her face" until we take it and finish the job correctly. For some reason letting her have it first worked and she quit the drama - just an idea, not sure if Olive will fall for it!