Thursday, February 18

A Good Day

Today is a good day. It's the middle of February, but the sun is shining and the temps are near 70. The windows are open for crissake. I took a long walk this morning. Olive and I listened and danced to Taylor Swift during lunch. "Mommy, wipe my hands and face so I can dance!" she said. All that dancing wore her out, because she's currently taking a nap (a somewhat rare occurrence these days). I'm still feeling good after long-overdue drinks (Long Island iced teas, no less) with Stephanie last night, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's lunch plans with Lindsay. Milo will be home from school in about 30 minutes, and I want to give that sweet kid a big hug. We'll play outside in the sunshine. Then I'm thinking yoga this evening while Andrew takes the kids to Milo's tumbling class. Yes, a good day.

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