Wednesday, May 21

Because we’ve reached the limits of our compatibility.

I want to break up with my hair stylist. She just . . . isn’t doing it for me anymore. I talk and talk and try to explain my feelings, but it’s like she’s not even listening. And she used to be so nice, giving me scalp and neck massages and using the nice soft towels. But now? Rush, rush, rush. She leaves me sitting in the chair while she shampoos someone else. Am I not even special to her anymore?

We’ve been together for two years. I think she should know by know which side I part my hair on. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so. Plus, she never answers the phone when I call and it takes her forever to call me back, if she bothers at all. She just expects me to be free when it is convenient for her. Did she ever consider that I might already have plans?

She used to make me feel so pretty. I’d leave her salon with my head held high, full of confidence. She just made me feel so good! But lately? Lately she’s been treating me like some sort of two-bit whore, with my hair all big and trampy-looking. I just feel so . . . cheap.

But I hate the thought of starting all over again. It’s so hard to find someone new. There are so many things to consider. Will we get along? Will she really understand my needs? Could it be a long-term relationship, or just a fling, leaving me cold and bitter, with an excess of split ends?

And so I stay with her, my anger and contempt growing each time I see her. So tell me . . . how would you break up with your stylist?


Emoly said...

Quick like a band-aid. Just go somewhere that costs lots of money. I've decided it's the only way. I tried like 9 stylists in DC and only liked the 2 that cost a million dollars.

Molly said...

As Paul Mitchell says, the difference between your husband and your hairstylist is that you can leave your husband...