Saturday, May 24

I'm drowning in the cuteness

I am in Pennsylvania visiting Austin. I believe I may have mentioned him? Of course, I can't post any pictures of him right now because I don't have the special little cord that came with the camera. Or maybe I just don't want to share them with you right now. But he is freaking adorable. I'm doing all sorts of caring-for-a-baby things, like snuggling and bathing and diapering and clothing and kissing and thigh-nibbling.

And the cutest part? Andrew whines that he wants a turn holding the baby. And then he never wants to let him go.


Grandma Susan said...

Baby fever??? Call me selfish, but I would love to have a baby Langford close by to love on. No pressure, though!

Linda Conley said...

No pressure??? Don't listen to her. The pressure is on. We want a baby.