Friday, June 6

All I Wanted Was Some Freaking Pancakes

5:38pm – Waiting at work for third member of the carpool to show up so we can go home. FINALLY. Wonder why I am still carpooling because I would prefer to leave right at 5:00.

5:40 – Third carpooler shows up ten minutes late; we head to car.

5:50 – Discussion of what we will eat for dinner. Realize that I am Very Very Hungry.

5:52 – Discussion switches to the carpooling schedule for next week. I quit the carpool group.

6:20 – Still in car. Still hungry. Thinking about blueberry pancakes for dinner and whether I would need to go buy milk for this.

6:29 – Finally arrive home. Almost time for dinner!

6:30 – Drat. Andrew’s not home yet. Will snack on chips until he gets home and we can eat dinner.

6:40 – Still no Andrew. Put chips away.

6:48 – Call Andrew. No answer. Figure he’s driving home and the phone is in his pocket and he can’t get to it. He’ll call me back soon, I think. Leave annoying message akin to “Annnndrewwwww, I’m huuuuunnngry, come home so we can eeeeeeeeeeat.”

6:56 – Call Andrew at work. Get mad just thinking that he might still be at work. No answer. Still hungry. Decide Andrew went to the gym without me and grrr, because I thought we were going to go the gym together later.

6:57 – Microwave leftover slice of pizza. Figure I can still eat real dinner when he gets home.

8:20 – Still have not heard from Andrew. Starting to get worried. Is he in a ditch somewhere? Couldn’t possibly have gone to the gym. Not the work-out-for-two-hours kind of person. Try calling again. Still no answer.

8:21 – Call Andrew’s mother. Yes. Really. She has not heard from him, but reassures me that if he was hurt, someone would have called me.

8:21:30 – The thought that he might be in class finally occurs to me. Why did I not think of this earlier? He just started a new session of classes and I forgot that he was in class two nights a week instead of just one. So that is where he is. Feel better knowing he is not in a ditch.

8:25 – Call Andrew. Again. This time to leave a message explaining that I figured out where he was. Oh, and sorry about all those messages.

8:26 – Microwave another slice of pizza. Wish I was eating blueberry pancakes. So much for going to the gym.

10:10 – Andrew gets home. I give him a big hug because thank goodness he is not in a ditch.

10:11 – Find out Andrew did not listen to any of the messages.


Courtney said...

So funny--we laughed out loud!

We're glad Andrew's not in a ditch, too.

Emoly said...

Hahaha! I can't believe you called his mother. I'm not even allowed to call Kenny's mother if he is in a ditch. Like specifically not to call her and worry her in that instance.