Friday, June 13

Happy Father’s Day, Dad

The other day Andrew saw a magazine headline that said “Look out, Mariah. Leona Lewis is pop's next megastar.” (And yeah, I looked that up to remember the headline. And then I put the cover here. Why? Don't know.)

So Andrew and I were discussing this. Can someone who has had exactly one hit to her name really become bigger than Mariah overnight? Even the fact that the magazine didn’t have to give Mariah’s last name and had to use Leona’s full name ought to mean something. I know this blog has a handful of readers of the over-40 set (Hi Aunt Loretta!) who probably don’t even know who Leona Lewis is.

ANYWAY. I’m getting off-track. And what else is new, you ask. Cough. So I was thinking about this comparison between Mariah Carey and Leona Lewis and I thought that my dad probably even knows who Mariah Carey is, but certainly has never heard of Leona. But then, maybe he isn’t familiar with Mariah. And I thought, how interesting, that someone could just go through life unaware of this huge deal in pop culture. I’m not saying he should be a fan and know all the words to “Touch My Body” or anything. But to have never even heard of her. Huh.

But to really get to my point. I am starting to wonder if I am missing out on a huge deal in pop culture. I’m not on Facebook. I just never wanted to. But mounting pressures to get with it already and the fact that Andrew just signed up and I’m not on there for him to link to my profile on his relationship status page thing have got me thinking. Maybe I should sign up. What am I missing out on? What pop culture references are going right over my head? Lots? I think yes. So lest I become my father, I’ll sign up. Also, I want to play Scrabulous.


Courtney said...

Um, there are some of us in the under-40 set who have never heard of Leona Lewis. (Did I even get the name right now that I'm not looking at your post?) So don't feel bad, Daddy.

Emoly said...

When she performed on American Idol after that introduction of how she was currently the most popular pop star ever--Kenny and I felt really old for never having heard of her. And from that day on every time we ever turned on the radio that song is playing. Like EVERY time. Personally, I think the lyrics are cliche--but sadly oh so catchy.

Kenton said...

I am not on Facebook. I have no need for it. I like being an old man. I still know more pop then Emily. Keep your head up.