Sunday, June 29

Fun with Bullet Points

  • Megan the Barbarian
This morning Andrew and I went to the gym and I totally destroyed him. He did my workout, from the warm up to the weightlifting to the stretching. And now, eight hours later, every muscle in his body is sore. And I just feel good. It’s good to know I’m making progress.

  • Best Weekend Ever
Two of my best friends were in town this weekend and I got to spend some good best-friend time with both. I made dinner and went for a walk with Christy on Thursday, then went out for coffee with her on Saturday. Then I went shopping with Molly this afternoon. I just love seeing old friends. Though I have a lot of girlfriends in Kansas City, I sometimes feel like I’m missing those really close relationships, so it was so nice to see these girls.

  • Not Ready for Monday
I had an exceptionally awful week at work last week. Really, it was more of just one exceptionally awful incident. I won’t get into it, but I just wish I had another couple of days of weekend before I have to go back and deal with things at work. Unfortunately, the publishing schedule doesn’t stop and we’re way behind as it is.

  • WTF??
I was at Dean & Deluca today with Molly, getting some coffee and pretending to be rich, and I saw champagne and wine-flavored sorbets. With 5 percent alcohol content. Who has ever heard of alcoholic sorbet? These must be delicious! Can anyone vouch for that?

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