Monday, February 2

At least I wasn't carpooling that day.

After work the other day, I left my desk and headed out to the parking lot. I got to my car and pulled on the door handle, and—nothing. My car is supposed to unlock when I pull on the handle, because that is what it does. It has this smart key system, so as long as your key is nearby (in a pocket or bag) the door will unlock. Like magic!

But my door did not unlock. I pulled again. Nothing. Frustrated, I moved my bag closer to the handle and tried again. Still no dice. I unzipped my bag, dug around for the keys, then dug around for the keys some more. When I finally located them in the bottomless pit of my bag, I pressed the unlock button on the key fob.

And I heard the familiar beep-beep of my unlocking car from three cars over.

And? The car I was trying to break into wasn't even the same color as my car.


Courtney said...

I assume it was at least a Prius?

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

This happens to me ALL the time! I usually notice something different in the back seat after tugging on the handle a couple of times... sometimes I think we may actually be blonds!

Dan said...

One time my dad's fob opened a car that wasn't his, though it was the same color and model. That was disturbing, to say the least.

googler said...