Thursday, February 12

Noteworthy Thursday #9

In honor of the upcoming holiday (Presidents’ Day, obviously), I am posting a special Valentine’s Day edition of Noteworthy Thursday (you didn’t really believe me with that whole Presidents’ Day thing, right?). This is a Valentine I got from Andrew in 2001. Except I didn’t get it in February, I got it in May.

Let me give you some background info. In May of 2001, I had only known Andrew for a month or two. And suffice to say, I was a bit infatuated with him. My heart leapt around whenever I saw him, and I may have sort of followed him around like a lost puppy from time to time. To make matters worse, this was not just a normal crush. No, Andrew and I had actually already gone out on a couple of dates, and Andrew had already ended things with me using the worst breakup line of all time (which I shall not repeat here in order to save the few remaining shreds of his dignity) (love you too, Honey). And still, I liked him sooooooo much.

So when, at the very end of our freshman year when we were all in the process of moving out of the dorm for the summer, he left this note on my dorm room door (stuck up with the little red heart sticker), I was toast. He may as well have left me a dozen roses and hired a barbershop quartet, because I was a smitten kitten. My friends and I analyzed what he wrote: Did he really want me to call him? Did he really want my Valentine’s Day to sing? I tucked that note away, and knowing I was going to keep it, I even wrote on the side in teeny letters when I got it—you can see it if you look closely. I was clearly a bit insane.

I don’t even remember if I called him that summer. I think I was too nervous. Plus, I ended up being too busy experimenting with alcohol and kissing other boys. (I was only 19—who can blame me? Young love is fleeting.) But as you know, we’re now about to celebrate our eighth Valentine’s Day together, and I couldn’t be happier. (awwwwww)

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Molly said...

It looks like he wanted you to call Britney Spears...