Monday, March 30

In which I mention Segways for the second time on this blog.

I happened to watch Dancing With the Stars tonight. (Don't judge me. Andrew had class and I needed a break from HGTV.) My thoughts: Watching Steve Wozniak dance the tango was one of the ugliest things I've ever seen. Samantha, who does all the backstage interviews and begs "America" to vote, is really annoying. And Melissa, of former Bachelor "fame," looked like Minnie Mouse, if Minnie Mouse was trying to pick up Mickey on a street corner. (and I'm pretty sure they stuck some glitter patch thing on her lower back to cover up her tramp stamp.) These, among other reasons, are why I don't normally like this show.

But back to The Woz for a second . . . In his little staged, pre-dance intro bit, he and a bunch of other people rode in on Segways. It was a sort of choreographed, parade of nerdiness. I thought, this is lame, but it would be awesome if OKGo were doing it. That would be a YouTube sensation for sure.

(Unfortunately, Carrie Ann, Len, and Bruno only gave me 11 points for blogging this week. Come on, America, I need your votes!)

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Andrew said...

Have I mentioned that I work with someone who was formerly a software engineer for Segway? It's like working with a celebrity.