Monday, March 23


Last week I decided to go to Chicago. I didn’t plan it, exactly. I got an email invitation to my best friend Emily’s birthday party, and I thought, Hey. I should go to Chicago. And I should surprise Emily, because she totally won’t be expecting me to come. So I recruited Stephanie to go with me, made a road trip playlist, and four days later, we were off.

"I love parties! I'm in!"

And let me tell you, was it ever a surprise. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Emily look that confused. For about five minutes, she didn’t say much besides “I can’t believe you’re here.” If you’ve never surprise-visited someone out of town before, I recommend it. Very gratifying.
BFFs since 1986. (I know. I can't believe it, either.)

Love this picture. Don't you?

Kenny made cake! Funfetti, no less.

While we were in Chicago, we did some shopping, obviously. I can’t go to Chicago and not make it to at least a couple of the stores I love that we don’t have here in KC. We went to Design Within Reach (though it’s not actually within my reach), Room & Board, Bloomingdales Home, Crate & Barrel Outlet, CB2, and Trader Joe’s. Lots of home stores. I had furniture and accessory shopping to do, after all. I found some great stuff. Cute vases, a lovely tray, some placemats. And curry sauce and lots of organic wine from Trader Joe’s. Ahhh, Chicago shopping . . . I love you so.
I luuuuurve this table. And the chairs. And the lights. *sigh*

The damage.

While I was gone, Andrew picked up our newly purchased coffee table. It looks fantastic. Couldn’t be more perfect for our room. With the new accessories I brought home and the new table, it’s beginning to look almost finished. Amazing. I thought this day would never come. We’ve still got a long list of home renovations we’d like to do, but it feels good to have one nearly completed room—especially when that room is the one in which we spend the most time.

What did you do this weekend?


Courtney said...

Boy, compared to that my weekend was boring!

You really make me want to do some Chicago shopping myself. I have heard from several people now that CB2 is cool. If only I had someone there to surprise visit.

Stephanie said...

Ahhhh Room & Board, what a great trip! I'm so excited I got to participate in your weekend surprise!

Srta. Cook said...

Could you please email me that picture of Emily and me? It's super...something. :)